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Hiiii~ This is the end :D and this is our project. The corporate identity manual of URBE EFL Center in SL.

We chose this project because we saw the logo and felt that it was not telling the right message to people, we wanted to make something with more class and appealing for students, teachers and everyone who sees it.
The process started drawing sketches and thinking what to put on the logo, after a week we selected a logo of the ones designed, after the first part of the project was done, we just had to digitalize it so it would become easier to edit or modify it, after the whole digitalization process, we showed it to the teacher and then we started to “clean” it from any error or problem that the teacher found.

My avatar name is Cerealbx and this is me

Ok, not really. But I'm sexy too :D

My experience in SL is short, but really good. I never forget this moment in my life. I learn a lot in SL :3 ñimi ñimi!

So... Some pictures :D

The final presentation is this :D

Well, I consider the virtual worlds are a big help to the graphic design, because you can meet people worldwide in the field, you can learn new things, and many of the advantages and disadvantages in the design.

And finally, this is the PowerPoint Presentation! :D

Thank you for everything in this road, but the end has come. I never forget this experience. Goodbye, people! :)

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 ...the interview most longer in the world :D
ok, not really, but the moment was really funny!
 I don't know why that people are illuminated D: WHY?!

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resume & cover letter

Hi! This is my cover letter...

February 26, 2012
Derse, US  – Florida, Miami

Dear, Company Derse:
I’m very good at multimedia design and animation in Adobe Flash, as well as editing pictures and drawing illustrations. I'm extremely passionate when working with anything visual, from multimedia to cartoons. I am a great coworker and working under pressure is not a problem to me.
I have a passion for design because I find it the
most interesting thing in my world, I love designing for big companies or events because my work it's seen by lots of people
As my attached resume notes, I have six years of
As my attached resume notes, I have six years of multimedia experience.
I also have a lot designs on my portfolio to show you if you'd like.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, I can be reached at +(58) 414 641 8533.
Thank you for your time.

Jessica Nieto

And this is my resume :)
Well that's all. See ya!! :3


Hi! I'm with Rossina Suarez, and and we visited the store "Nylon outfitters & yummy accesories".

These are the questions:
How did you get started as a designer?
My sister brought me into Second Life, we were looking for something that we do online together. She started designing clothes and I figured jewelry would be a great compliment to that.
What inspires you to design?
Fashion magazines, trends, music, photographs, anything really.
How did you hear about second life and its stores?
I heard about it from another online virtual world called There
How do you see yourself in the future as a designer?
I see myself continuing what I do now, it's always evolving and learning new techniques.
Do you believe that second life is the future of the designers, a site where they can design and show its creativity?
I think it's a cheap fun way to try out some creative ideas, but nothing can replace real life creativity!

miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


Cartoon animation is created with traditional hand-drawn or computer-generated animation techniques. The term cartoon animation has been used since the dawn of animated film in the early 20th century. “Cartoon” is also used to describe printed humorous drawings that appear in newspapers or periodicals.
Animation originated at the same time as motion picture photography. Both exist because of a function of the human eye and mind known as persistence of vision. This cause a rapid sequence of different images to be perceived as a single moving image by the observer. The first animated film appeared shortly after the debut of motion pictures in 1896. The founders of this era of cartoon animation were also some of the greatest animators in history, including Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, and the artists of the Walt Disney studios. Many of these theatrical cartoons became beloved classics of animation, winning acclaim from the public and many awards. When television gained widespread popularity in the 1950s, these cartoons became regularly syndicated items.
The spread of television ushered in a new era of cartoon animation. Studios such as Hanna-Barbera provided numerous cheaply produced cartoons for children’s programming. At one time, a viewer would find broadcast television channels saturated with cartoon programming on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons.
And my opinion… Well, basically this is the traditional animation, every cartoon is different. Because it is aimed for different age groups and styles. "Cartoon" is a term is used to describe printed humorous drawings animated, especially for the kids. Hannah-Barbera was the most important studio of animation on television in the 90’s. And Disney was the most relevant company in movie theaters. Cartoons are the future - we need more educative cartoons for our kids.

At the end of the 21st century we saw another boom in cartoon animation. Major film studios created feature-length theatrical films with huge budgets and celebrity voice actors. Broadcast and cable networks launched numerous successful animated series. Some of these new cartoons were intended for adults but imitated the simple drawing styles of earlier eras.
Noun: Cartoon
Adjective: Simple drawing styles
Pronoun: Those / The
Verb: Intended / Imitated
Adverb: Earlier
Suffix: Intended / Imitated / Earlier
Preposition: For / Of
Conjunction: But
The animation style of industries such as japanese gained worldwide followers, and helped to increase the perception of it as an art form, and that was demonstrated by a new Academy Award category for Animated Feature Film.
Noun: Animation / japanese
Adjective: Style
Pronoun: The
Verb: Gained
Adverb: Worldwide
Suffix: Gained
Preposition: Of
Conjunction: Such

Simple present tense:
John washes the dishes every day.
Present continuous:
John is washing the dishes right now.
Simple past tense:
John washed the dishes yesterday evening.
Past continuous:
John was washing the dishes at eight o'clock last night.
Present perfect tense:
John has washed the dishes this morning.
Past perfect tense:
John had washed the dishes at two in the afternoon.
Simple future:
John will wash the dishes tomorrow.
Near future:
John is going to wash the dishes tonight.

martes, 28 de febrero de 2012


Hellou pipol! 

In this days, I found two jobs, the first is... Multimedia Designer.
I select this job because I love media and I think I can do that. I'm pretty sure I'm a good multimedia designer ahahaha (I think). I know how to effectively modify images and how to use applications in order to create any kind of media, etc.  

Specific Skills to be a Multimedia Designer
 •Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
•Must be an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Final Cut Pro or Adobe AfterEffects, Quicktime Pro
•Strong background in Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Particle Illusion, Video Encoding tools.
•Possess a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in providing 2D solutions.
•Strong organization & communication skills.

The second one is my dream job.. Cartoonist, in Nickelodeon. I love so much animation, cartoons, kids.. I need to learn so much about the topic. But I want to move forward and do that! 

Specific Skills to be a Animator
* Configure and optimize render submission software for specific needs of various shows
* Create custom solutions for varied processes in Production (ie: Photoshop actions, automated Windows or Mac OS-level scripts for repetitive tasks, Python tools, etc.).
* First level of production support for digital artists and production management
* Assist in creating and maintaining production-related databases - using Filemaker Pro, SQL, Python
* Work with digital artists throughout the studio to ensure that all productions are kept up to date on the latest software, tips & tricks, pipelines and processes that they may want/need to use in their daily work.
* Continually assess and estimate digital resource requirements for current and expected work loads
* Communicate regularly with department supervisors and appropriate production staff about the status of operations, alert them to existing and potential challenges, and propose and implement solutions
* Evaluate and make recommendations for future upgrades to hardware or software solutions.

Well, that's all about the jobs! Now, I will talk about one person. That person is Walt Disney. I admire Walt Disney. That man was an artist... A genius. He revolutionized the animation industry.

And finally, my opinion about the article Top 10 Online Job Search Tips, is short and objetive. It's totally true, our resumè should be interesting to ensure we get a good job. We need to be creative but we need to keep in mind the most important thing: always be responsible. 
Weeeeell pipol... Take care!! :D